We have also filmed a selection of live shows for the NPA and UDFBA bodybuilding associations who pride themselves on being clean natural physiques, these dvd's are great for people looking to get into competing as well as fans of the sport in general including the entire show, pre judging, comparisons, individual posing routines as well as the results.

Each DVD retails at £30 inc postage

Current shows include

  1. NPA South East 2012
  2. NPA Mike Williams Classic 2012
  3. The NPA Finals 2012  
  4. The UKDFBA (United Kingdom Drug Free Bodybuilding Association) Finals 2012
  5. NPA Yorkshire 2013
  6. NPA Midlands 2013
  7. NPA South West 2013
  8. NPA South East 2013

High Definition Blu rays are also available for £45 including postage.

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